Guide How to Play Poker Dice Live Streaming Online on pokergalaxy

Guide How to Play Poker Dice Live Streaming Online on pokergalaxy

Hello, friend, welcome to the taruhpoker website, which will invite you to talk about the latest game games. , this game is a game that combines dice and pokergalaxy games live which will be guided by a number of beautiful casino women in countries that legalize betting games so that you can play directly facing our cs who are on guard to serve you.

Online poker galaxy is the most popular game game now, so there are so many international agents fighting over to get poker dice servers to be used as games on websites spread across the internet.

Poker Dice Online Site Games are played using 5 dice which are commonly played to play snake ladders, of course you will more easily recognize the dice used to play in dice poker games, but in dice dice poker games that are used have 2 types of colors, red and black , here we will show a video tutorial on how to play in the dice poker game


Poker Dice is a dice that, having a number pips, has a way of playing pokergalaxy online on dice poker. Poker dice have six sides, one 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, respectively, and are used to form a poker hand.

Each variation of poker dice is slightly different in terms of a suit, although a spade is almost universally represented. Red and black are often found, while cards face are traditionally represented not with suits but with colors: red for kings, green for queens and blue for jacks. Manufacturers have not standardized the color of the side of the face.

The classic poker dice game is played with 5 dice and two or more players. Each player has a total of 3 rolls and the ability to hold dice between rolls. After three rolls the best hand wins. Both “flush” and “straight flush” are possible hands, because of the lack of a suit on the dice.

In some regulations, while going straight to King is called Straight, a straight to a Ace is called (somewhat wrong) as a Flush. Furthermore, in this rule, Straight is more valuable than Control House (correctly reflects the level of difficulty) and Flush is more valuable than Four Of A Kind (wrong reflects the same probability as the Straight).

Straight flush: is a combination of 5 consecutive dice
like 1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6 which has the same color,
if all the dice black must be black.

Four of a kind: Is a combination of 4 numbered twin dice and added 1 other dice,
for example, 1-1-1-1 + 5 / 2-2-2-2 + 4 / 3-3-3-3 + 6 / 4-4-4-4 + 1 / 5-5-5-5 +2 / 6-6-6-6 + 3.

Full house: Is a combination of 3 twin dice and added
with 2 other twin dice, for example, 5-5-5 + 3-3 this type
is a combination of Three of a kind and pair.

Flush: It is a combination of 5 dice that have the same color and are not seen as twin or sequential like 5-3-4-1-3 if it is red then all dice must be red.

Straight: A combination of the same colorless dice as 1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6 but with different colors.

INC Straight: It is a card with no rating, but in this type of poker game dice ranks below Straight as an example, 1-2-3-5-6 or 1-2-3-4-6 with different colors.

Three of a kind: It is a combination of 3 twin digit dice and 2 different dice just as an example, 2-2-2 + 3-6 or 6-6-6 + 4-1.

Two pair: Is a combination of 2 twin number dice plus 2 other twin number dice and one arbitrary number dice like for example, 4-4 + 6-6 + 2 or 3-3 + 5-5 + 1.

One pair: Is a combination of 2 twin number dice and added 3 dice with arbitrary numbers like the following example, 4-4 + 5-2-1 or 6-6 + 2-3-5.

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