Protecting the youngest refugees this winter — and beyond

Mercy Corps’ Sumaya Agha recently caught up with a young Syrian refugee who made a lasting impression on her when they met earlier this year:

“I first met eight-year-old Ibrahim and his family at Zaatari refugee camp this past August. I spent the day with the soft-spoken little boy, playing Legos and drawing in Mercy Corps’ activity center for refugee children.

At one point, we sat in the family’s tent, sweating in the desert’s unforgiving summer heat, as his mother, Sabah, spoke to me about her hopes to return home to Syria as soon as possible.

But months later, they are still here, about to face their first winter in the camp. When I returned to visit Ibrahim, the chilly wind sent ripples through the family’s tent.”

Read more, and learn how you can help Ibrahim and other children like him.

Photo: Sumaya Agha/Mercy Corps

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